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Please complete the form below to apply for ELSTA Membership.

Incomplete applications for membership will not be considered.
Please read about ELSTA and our history and mission here.
Before completing this membership form, please read this important Membership Information.

Membership Benefits


  • Members Only Resources on this website

  • Access to Seminars and Conference Videos and Slides

  • Updated links to resources posted on our Social Media


  • Support from our members through our 2,000+ network of teachers on FB Group, FB Page and Twitter

  • Email support through

  • Meeting other teachers and building communities of practice


  • Exclusive Invitations to attend seminars, conferences and other virtual and face to face events

  • National and regional networking opportunities


  • Giving a voice to teachers of English language learners

  • Building solidarity and empowering teachers to gain confidence in working with multilingual students

  • Advocating as an Association for better English Language Support  Provision

Application for Membership of ELSTA Ireland
In which sector do you primarily work?
In which province do you live/work?
Do you consent to ELSTA sending you email via the secure Wix email server for the purposes of sharing ELSTA membership and correspondence?

Thank you for your application for membership of ELSTA.Our Membership Secretary will contact you shortly.ELSTA is a voluntary organisation. We approve Membership Applications as quickly as possible.If your application is approved, you will be added to our mailing list and will be invited to our events and will receive our newsletters.Please add our email to your email's safe list so our emails are not sent to your Spam folder.Thank you, ELSTA National Executive Committee

ELSTA is an association for educators in Ireland only.  


We are an association for the school sector (early childhood education, primary education, post primary education, further education and we work in collaboration with some partners in higher education.

We are not an association for adult education or whose remit it is to teach adults English.


If you work as a TEFL teacher please apply to join ELT Ireland here. If you are a volunteer English teacher, work abroad or work remotely teaching abroad, please be aware we can only accommodate our members who work in the school sector in Ireland. 


We do not cater for private English language teachers and tutors or volunteers, unfortunately as we are a voluntary organisation and there are many teachers/school staff for whom we must prioritise in our limited time.

We do not offer career advice for people interested in coming to work in Ireland as teachers. 

Thank you for your understanding.

This is a membership form for educators in Ireland only who would like to join ELSTA.  

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